minkowski3 - README

A program for calculating Minkowski functionals of density fields with periodic boundary conditions

written by Jens Schmalzing. January 1997; updated by Thomas Buchert.
email: buchert@obs.univ-lyon1.fr

The program calculates densities of Minkowski functionals in the V normalization. Minkowski functionals are discussed in all the references below. The derivation of the formulae and the analytical values used in the program are given in [8]. References [2,7,9,10] provide background reading on Minkowski functionals, while [1,3,4,5,6] present some applications on points processes.


The program is distributed as an uuencoded compressed tar file `beyond.uu' (Type: uudecode beyond.uu; gunzip beyond.tar.gz; tar -xvf beyond.tar) Now the directory `beyond' should look like this: Makefile fourier.c image.h minkowski.c org.h Readme fourier.h main.c minkowski.h beyond.sm image.c main.h org.c


Go into the directory `beyond' and type: make Perhaps you have to choose a different c-compiler and different flags in the first few lines of Makefile. You may also alter the program name there. If `make' gives no error you probably generated the program `beyond' successfully. To check the installation type: make test Then the examples explained in the next section are calculated. You can plot the results using the SuperMongo macro `beyond' provided in the file `beyond.sm' To restore the original files type: make realclean This will remove all files generated by previous calls of make.


beyond -\?
get a list of options and the actual (default) values of the parameters.
beyond -l-4 -h4 -b10 -s4 -L10 -x32 -y32 -z32 -otest.res -0test.xpm
calculate the Minkowski functionals at 10 threshold values between -4 and 4, for 10 realizations of a Gaussian random field with scale-free power spectrum, normalized to mean 0 and variance 1. Density values are obtained on 32^3 lattice points in a unit box, with Gaussian smoothing of 4/32=0.125. The mean and variance of the Minkowski functionals over all realizations are output to the file test.res. Also, the final realization is given as a XPM bitmap in test.xpm.

CPU load:

On a hp 715/80 the test calculation took a little more than 1 minute, using less than 1 MByte of memory. An IBM RS/6000 can do a single realization for a 256^3 lattice at 100 threshold values in about one hour, using roughly 192 MByte of memory.


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